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  • Naples Educational Article of the Month - Squirrel Trapping: How To Trap a Squirrel

Squirrel Trapping: How To Trap a Squirrel

If you own a home in Florida you are probably aware that squirrels can be an absolute nuisance on your property. They are cute little animals, but they will tear apart your lawn, trees, siding, fencing, and garden. They will get into your garbage and shed. They will tear apart your garage. They are a devil for disasters.

While you may not like having a squirrel around, the thought of killing the little critter may just be too much for you. You don’t want them in your Naples home, but you can’t see yourself as the executioner of the little fury creature. So you have decided that you will catch it and take it somewhere to get rid of it so it is not a problem for you anymore. That sounds very kind-hearted of you, but the question is how to get rid of them. If you are looking for some solutions, here is how to trap these little buggers.

There are several different kinds of traps depending upon where you are intending to capture the Naples squirrel, and that is a very important part of choosing the right kind of trap. There are traps for the roof, ceiling, attic, repeater traps, and one-way traps that can do the job, but they are designed for specific purposes, so be aware of your plan of action first.

Roof traps are built to securely fasten to your roof or to add just under the eaves of your home. They are built with a small opening to the front of the cage the closes as the squirrel enters. This keeps it in and makes getting out very difficult. What makes these cages stand out is that they are extremely sturdy, which means that if you do not get to remove the animal for a few days it is very unlikely they will get away. They can be quite costly in comparison to the other models, so be aware of this.

The repeater cage is a favorite of many, because one single Florida squirrel may not be your problem. You could have several that are wreaking havoc at your home and you want to get rid of them once and for all. These repeater cages are built to capture several different squirrels and hold them without them being able to get out. The cage door is designed to open in only one direction so it is unlikely that they can get out. Their only opportunity to escape is when a new squirrel is captured, but the design pushes the already captured squirrels away from the door area making it difficult for them to get the opportunity to escape.

If you do not have the money to buy a trap you can build your own trap and have nearly as much success. The key is designing a door that opens in just one way. That way they cannot push themselves back out. A lot of people choose the same kind of one-way pet door you would use for your pet to get out of your home. They put it over a hole in the ground and place the door in the center with a piece of food on the door. The door is surrounded by a piece of wood that covers the hole. When the squirrel steps onto the door to get the food it falls through the door and they are caught. Most people put some kind of a metal box below that they can close. The animals fall into that metal box, and later they just close the box and take the squirrels out to be released.

The key to capturing a squirrel is in the bait and the setup. You should be aware that squirrels are paranoid by nature. It takes some work to lure them into feeling comfortable enough to go for the bait, which means you need to try one of two options for success. The first is to choose something that is simply too good for them to pass up. A cob of corn can be great bait in Florida, but the size makes it a challenge to work with. For those who have used the trap door option there have been instances of the cob getting stuck in the door and allowing the squirrels to get away.

The next option is to create a pattern. Put out some nuts for a few days, adding more each day that get closer to the trap door. They get used to eating the nuts and become less nervous about going a further distance. Then Bam!! You get him as he walks too far and gets trapped.

Once captured you take them out to your favorite Naples park and set them free. You have given them a new home and they did not have to face the death penalty for you to get your Naples home back.

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